Coupon for the Hudson valley, New York area. Great deals just waiting to be had.

Kooponz - Web Coupons

Online coupons from local restaurants & merchants. Pick your county from our maps and print. Click mouse icons for more pages of coupons, rebates, etc. Changes monthly.


Search for savings by area, product name, or index.

Lake Tahoe Discount Coupons

Print and use the coupons from the following merchants: food, lodging, wedding services, skiing & much more.

Marge's Home Page

This home page provide numerous links to discounts and coupons.

Mining Company Couponing and Refunding

The site provides information for individuals that are couponing and refunding. Provides mainly information about other sites.


Coupon Site List 2

Neighborhood Values

Metro Detroit Area discount deals and link to other sites.

New Orleans Discount Coupons

Make your own discount coupon booklet. Discounts for New Orleans hotels, cruises, shops, attractions, restaurants.

Northern Lights Discount Booklet, The

On-line Discount Coupons

Print discount coupons from your Web browser for participating businesses.


A comprehensive comparison shopping referral service.Use entertaining "Genie-of-the-Net" interface to search for sales, discounts or coupons.

Pocket Coupon Directory of Colorado


New site providing discounts in the Tampa and Pesco County area. Soon to be adding more areas and coupons.

Save.Net Coupons

Free coupons,discounts & prizes nationally; sales & business opportunities available.

Discounts for the St. Augustine

We provide Discount Tickets and Discount Coupons for the St. Augustine, Florida, area Attractions, Restaurants, Services, Shopping, Sports & Recreation and Tours/Cruises/Rides.


Browse through to find the latest Coupons and Deals from leading Internet Retailers. If you find something you like, click on the link associated with Coupon or Deal.


Save money with retailers worldwide. Download free coupons and promotional offers.


Want free,unrestricted online time? Register now to find out how your favorite products can earn you a FreeRide.


A new service that allows users to pick and choose printable Coupons, discounts from shopping, travel, dining and attractions from cities across the U.S..

H.O.T. Coupons!

Access savings on more than 30,000 local, regional and national products and services. For use at Home, the Office, or before you Travel.


Pizza coupons, menus for restaurants, and a directory for advertisements and businesses nationally and locally.

Internet Discounters


Our site, an affiliate of the Florida Internet Real Estate Guide, seeks to provide coupons for those who have just moved to Florida (Thus, we're only interested in Florida). In addition, we will be sending free virtual moving announcements of anyone who has just moved to Florida to anyone in the world who has WWW access.

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